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The health and wellbeing of our pupils and their families is important to us. At Dronfield Infant School we teach children through our curriculum about how to stay fit and healthy; we also teach the children techniques and discuss how to keep our minds healthy too. It is important in life to keep ourselves healthy in both body and mind.


To help with children's wellbeing at home we have included a few useful sites, some of which we are sure you will already be using.

Often the pace of life can be quite overwhelming and can often leave us wondering how the daily changes in our lives may affect our children and our families. The links below are really useful to remind ourselves of how we can take care of ourselves and each other. 

The following links are for organisations that can help with any potential mental health or emotional wellbeing issues that children or family members may be experiencing. 


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Children experience the same feelings of bereavement as adults but may show these feelings in different ways. Below are a number of websites for different organisations that can help and give advice to parents about how to talk to children about the death of someone close to them and how parents/carers can support younger children through bereavement.