The health and wellbeing of our pupils and their families is important to us. At Dronfield Infant School we teach children through our curriculum about how to stay fit and healthy; we also teach the children techniques and discuss how to keep our minds healthy too. It is important in life to keep ourselves healthy in both body and mind.

Explaining the Coronavirus to children

Children are unique and can react in different ways to what they see and hear. It is our job as teachers, parents and carers to look for changes in their behaviour as this could be a sign that they are finding it hard to understand or cope with changes in their routine or within their life around them.

Social stories are a great way of explaining to children what is happening. They will help to support and reassure children with what is happening around them or too them in the world where they live.

Here is a social story that you might like to share with your child/children. 


Here are some more resources  to help with this which the Local Authority Educational Psychology Service have put together for parents/ carers. 



To help with children's wellbeing at home we have included a few useful sites, some of which we are sure you will already be using.

During this time, you may be feeling stressed, worried or anxious about Coronavirus and wondering how the daily changes in your life may affect you children a thee family as a whole. The booklet in the link below is a really useful tool to enable us to take care of ourselves. 

The following links are for organisations that can help with any potential mental health or emotional wellbeing issues that children or family members may be experiencing.