Who's Who...

Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca King NPQH (LLE)

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Kirsty Denton NPQH (Specialist Leader of Education)

School Business Officer:

Miss Donnelly

School Business Assistant

Mrs Rumney


Year 2 Class teachers:

Class 1: Miss Price

Class 2: Ms Parker (Specialist Leader of Education)

Class 3 Mrs Cutler & Mrs Kelly

Year 2 Teaching Assistants:

Miss Hudson (HLTA), Mrs Morton (HLTA), Mrs Spivey

Year 1 Class teachers:

Class 4: Mrs Sambrook & Miss Anderson

Class 5: Mrs Wright SENDCO (Specialist Leader of Education)

Class 9: Mrs Kangley

Year 1 Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Fry (BRSP Practitioner), Mrs Lindley, Mrs Stark (HLTA, BRSP practitioner), Mrs Gisborne, Miss Bertram


EYFS Class teachers:

Class 6:  Mrs Denton & Mrs Hudson

Class 7: Mrs Taylor & Mrs McCluskey

Class 8: Mrs Moran

EYFS Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Holt, Mrs Parker, Mrs Johnstone, Miss Patton, Miss Smith


Midday Supervisors:

Mrs Gisborne (Senior Midday Supervisor), Mrs Gilson, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Randerson, Miss Patton, Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Szabo (relief) 

Play Leader:

Miss Turner

Play Assistant:

Mrs Pocock


School Cook:

Mrs Brocklehurst

Site Supervisor:

Mr Hazeldine