Learning in EYFS

For all of our parents who are new to the school, please click here for our school prospectus. This will give you valuable information about your child's school day.

In EYFS we teach the children synthetic phonics through the Letters and sounds programme. Pupils will access each phase starting from phase 1 or 2 and work through all six phases by the end of Year 2. In Reception the children will mainly be working on phases 2 and three with some pupils working on phase 4. Please take a look at the presentation below which gives you more information about synthetic phonics and the Letters and Sounds phases that the children are taught in. 

In EYFS (Reception) we teach the concept of number through the use of Numicon. Using this resource the children quickly grasp a deeper understanding of number, which enables them to use this in calculation and problem solving. Take a look at the presentation below which gives examples of how this may be used in our EYFS classes, and a few ideas of how you might be able to help at home. 

Take a look at our Numicon presentation for parents.

For more information about the rest of our curriculum in EYFS please refer to the curriculum maps in 'Our Curriculum' under the 'Learning' tab.